Lynton & Mead offers high quality, proven track record, business and IT consultancy services to its telecom clients on the following areas:

  • Project management/PMO
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Procurement & Supply chain automation
  • Team-leading
  • Vendor management

Project management/PMO

Lynton & Mead has a strong experience in delivering complex – multi-site, multi-cultural – projects with high quality in set deadlines for world class manufacturing companies.

Business process re-engineering

Lynton & Mead has a proven track record of redesigning, streamlining and implementing business processes for world class manufacturing companies.

Procurement & supply chain automation

Lynton & Mead has extensive experience in automating supply-chains within manufacturing (telco) industry using de facto industry standards such as EDIFACT, ANSI X12 and RosettaNet.


Lynton & Mead has a sound experience in managing versatile (multi-site, multi-cultural) development and business analyst teams for world class manufacturing companies.

Vendor management

Lynton & Mead has multi-year experience of managing 3rd party vendors in IT initiatives for world class manufacturing companies.

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